Tuesday, 5 June 2012


I need someone near me
I need someone to call
I need someone to hold my hand
Nd catch me wen I fall

I look out for that person
D unique one in a crowd
That special someone
Who makes me feel like me
And never let's me down

To share my sorrows n worries
And to know them before I do
To hold me tightly n hug me
And scare all my fears away
And to stop me from becoming blue.

A yearning for that someone
Who will love me even more than his own
Who will comfort n scold me
Who will accept me the way I am
And treat me like his precious gold.

When will I get tht someone
Oh god plz let me know
I can't continue living this life filled with sorrow n woe.
With hurt n hatred filled in my heart
Show me that someone who will wipe it all away.
I need a person to understand me
Coz I can't live like even for one more day.

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